Easy weight loss: walking, running or cycling?

Overweight & obesity are explained as abnormal or excessive fat accumulation which presents a threat to health. Obesity during childhood also have huge impact on adult part of life. It is better to know the average weight of women at each stage of life. There is no master key for weight-loss. Different methods of weight-loss are effective for different people.

Ginger: The Empowered Spice of Life

Ginger is one of the most widely used natural products consumed as a spice and medicine for treating diabetes, flatulent intestinal colic, indigestion, infertility, inflammation, insomnia, a memory booster, nausea, rheumatism, stomach ache, and urinary tract infections. 

Is coffee disastrous for pregnancy?

Women need to keep a track of lot many things. Even what to love when. Need to be cautious about self-love too. Especially for coffee lovers. There are some controversial findings related to caffeine consumption during pregnancy.

Is coffee disastrous for pregnancy? FEMALE CHILDHOOD OBESITY IS POSITIVELY LINKED TO INFERTILITY IN THE LATER STAGE OF LIFE Infertility 4 New Vaginal Good Health Criteria Different People, Different Diet Expert Advice for Sex While on Your Period – baepink