Have you tried the cookie diet? Too tasty to be true, but does it really work?

Helping people lose weight for over 40 years.

Dr. Siegal’s Cookie Diet

Well, that’s precisely what Dr. Siegal’s Cookie Diet offers you believe. The modern diet, as per its website, has been tried and tested by over half a million people, is based on the very alluring thought that you can eat a ton of yummy cookies, lose weight and maintain it off long term.

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How it Works

How cookie diet works.

As per their website, half the struggle with diets is convenience, the other half is the food craving. This diet defeats both and provides you with a means to keep the weight off later. The Cookie Diet is a handy on-the-go snack that needs no arrangement. Just get a pack of cookies with you for the day.

Once your goal weight is reached, eat healthy meals, and enjoy the cookies as a low-calorie meal between meals.

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Cookie Diet Claims

The Cookie Diet is almost five decades old. It was founded by an American doctor named Dr Sanford Siegal in the 70s and has earned a number of rave reviews since. Ensuring to assist you to lose 5 to 7 kg a month, it’s simple to perceive why it’s provoked a number of people’s interest.

The diet is divided into two stages, the first being the ‘weight loss stage’. Throughout this time, you’re advised to consume nine of Dr. Siegal’s signature cookies a day, separated evenly during the day, every two hours. Measuring 60 calories each, those nine cookies give just over 500 calories a day.

At dinner time, supplement this with an extra 500-700 calories from a solid food meal, consisting of a plentiful serving of protein and lots of lean vegetables. It is also advised to have eight glasses of water a day, take a daily multivitamin and do 20 to 30 minutes of walking two or three times a week.

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During the second stage, swap to three healthy meals a day, with a cookie or two within each meal. This is also meant to bump up with exercise round somewhat 30 to 40 minutes of modest exercise two or three times a week.

Cookie Diet Pros

The Cookie Diet is handy, given that the wide majority of the food that one eats comes from pre-packaged cookies that are ordered online and get delivered doorstep.

Giving just 1,000 to 1,200 calories per day, one will practically unquestionably lose weight on the Cookie Diet… but that’s not always a good thing.

Cookie Diet Cons

For connection, the normal person eats approximately 2,000 calories a day. For weight loss, this should fall to around 1,500 calories. Any smaller than that, one will apparently begin to burn lean muscle mass because it simply doesn’t give enough energy to the body – and that’s certainly not ideal.

In the long run, keeping such a low-calorie consumption could wreak devastation on metabolism.

After all, a cookie is a cookie is a cookie, just a cookie. The only thing special about Dr. Siegal’s signature cookies is the ‘special mix of protein powders’ that believably keep you feeling full.

One more downside of the diet is that it relies on processed foods and multivitamins to make up for the absence of actual food. Furthermore, because of its restrictiveness, following the diet could be challenging to reach daily requirements for nutrients like fibre, iron, folate, and vitamin B12.

Again, each cookie includes four grams of sugar, so if you’re consuming nine cookies a day, you’re eating a mountainous 36 grams of extra sugar. For circumstances, the World Health Organisation advises restricting intake of added sugar to just 25 grams a day.

What’s more, by checking your diet so drastically to just one meal of actual food a day, you’re not providing your body with ample chances to reach your macro and micronutrient requirements.

A healthy diet – weight loss or oppositely – requires a balance of fruit, vegetables, protein, whole grains and dairy or options… not a mass of cookies.

Cookie Diet Conclusion

Sure, it might benefit one to lose weight initially… however is it a long-term, healthy habit of eating?

Certainly not, in our view. Eating a diverse diet based on healthy foods is a better choice for optimal health and long-term weight loss. So, savour a cookie every now and then – but don’t anticipate eating a bucket load and be the healthiest version of yourself.