Longing – a simple word in present continuous tense, seems neverending. That’s how long distance relationships are.

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Love is the connection that keeps two hearts beat together even when they are miles apart. The pain is partly for I’ll not be the “I” without you. And It’s not just about missing him/ her, it’s about missing us.

All of the conscious time is spent unconsciously thinking about the beloved that you can’t have in-person right now. All his/ her flaws fly away, and fondness takes a deep dive into all the positives. That’s the beauty of staying apart, it parts the negatives.

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If getting together frequency is high, then the emotional toll before parting and at the time of lasting will also be high. Same way excitement rise to a peak with the day to meet arrives near. Such excitement when outweighs every other negative, it’ll keep the love candle burning.

Many couples stay together even though they are not compatible and in contrast to it, two love birds have to stay far and suffer.

Keeping the relationship alive from a distance

Long-distance relationships should be viewed as normal relationships minus actual physical bonding.

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Long? How long?

Do you see getting together sooner or later? How long do you need to stay apart? Is it time-bound or situation-dependent?

Get the clarity. Prepare a time or situation based plan and set goals for both. These goals are to be achieved as a team while staying away as well as when both get together. Such exercise will help focus on the future and will relieve you from yearning pain.

All-time high communication

Keeping communication limited to a need-to-know basis will have a high chance of creating a sense of detachment in the relationship. On day to day basis, both should not only be on the same page but also reading the same line.

Share everything and anything through all the possible means of communication. Unavailable on a call, simply send a text. But keep each other informed. This will minimize any chances of misunderstanding, further strengthen trust and both will be clear about what is expected of him/ her.

Spend time together

In addition to the all-time high communication, try to spend some quality time together, of course digitally. Fix up a date or time or a weekend. Video call each other, have virtual dinner together, watch the same movie at the same time from different places and chill. Such intimate moments will help wash away the pangs of long-distance and will bring you both closer.

Nothing can replace physical intimacy and bonding, but these small habits will keep the excitement alive in your relationship. Online closeness has its perks when meeting offline. It will add fuel to the fire that is already burning hot.


Nothing beats the element of surprise. It seeds in deep and stays there for a longer time. Surprise can be in the form of his/ her favourite food delivered or chocolate or a gift or flowers or clothes or, the best, you pay a surprise flying visit. When in love materials don’t have any value, it’s the thought behind it is important.

Unexpected pleasures of life bring deep emotions to the surface. Keep surprising your love by delivering small gifts at unpredictable times.

Surprises build anticipation in relationships, and many times anticipation is enjoyed better than the actual occasion. It makes your better half feel your physical presence. For a moment only, but it’s as good as your real presence.


Long-distance relationships compel the development of individuals as supportive adults with outstanding abilities and resources to prepare them to function successfully. They develop important skills to conquer as a couple with meticulous planning, a positive attitude and communication. With such involvement, relationships grow stronger even if they are a distance apart.